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Coeliac friendly sausages in Felixstowe

We understand how difficult it can be to cut the foods that you love out of your diet when your doctor tells you
that you have an intolerance or an allergy.

Your Felixstowe Sausage specialists

That’s why we make a range of special wheat free sausages. We use all of the same spices and seasoning but instead of wheat we use polenta.

Sausages suitable for your diet

We regularly stock the following flavours in our wheat free variety:

    • Traditional pork
    • Special Cumberland
    • Pork & apple

If you need wheat free sausages in another flavour just get in touch and place an order. We’ll be happy to accommodate any other dietary requirements where possible.

We also stock a special slimmer’s variety of plain pork sausage meat.

Order sausages for your dietary requirements in Trimley St. Martin

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